Vennsa OnPoint™

    A Breakthrough in Debug

    Functional debug takes as much as one third of the overall design effort. For a twelve month design window this task translates to approximately four months of intensive work with additional productivity costs. This inefficiency is in part due to the fact that designs have gotten larger and more complex with time and that engineers often work with unfamiliar code or third-party IP. Furthermore, existing debugging tools have not kept pace with this growing pain. Today's design and verification engineers are still using the same manual waveform viewing technologies from decades ago to tackle problems that have become orders of magnitude larger in size and complexity.

    OnPoint goes beyond debug. OnPoint debug automation changes this practice as it offers a breakthrough in circuit debugging and error localization. Once verification fails, OnPoint uses Vennsa's proprietary technology to automatically analyze the design and return the root cause of errors. It picks up where simulation and formal verification tools leave off by automatically solving the problem and by pointing to the exact lines of code where the failure can be fixed. This process is performed with absolutely no intervention by the engineer. There is no need for manually tracing signals, performing "what if" back-trace analysis, and manually annotating values in the source code. The end result is a set of locations in the source code that corrects the failures. With forward-thinking features OnPoint also suggests fixes to correct the error.

    OnPoint's diagnostics capabilities can be applied at both higher and lower levels. At the high level it can help with failure triage. OnPoint bins the regression failures, it identifies the general problem area and it points to the best suited engineer to fix each bug. At the lower level it aids engineers during root cause analysis to pin-point the exact line of code that is erroneous as well as determine the type of fix that needs to be performed.

    OnPoint can help with many different debugging applications: from failure triage to root cause analysis.