Customer Testimonials

    "We were looking for tools improve our debugging methodology. Indeed that's what OnPoint offered, with a quick and efficient debugging engine that removes much of the effort from our designers. In a head to head comparison with a traditional verification and debug approach, we found that OnPoint reduced our overall verification effort by 42% on an active design."

    Aki Matsuda
    Senior Engineer
    Panasonic System Networks, Kyushu University

    "We did a deep dive on 5 of the most interesting ones where the designers of the blocks in question went over every one of OnPoint's suspects. The location of the bug was always found and it was typically in the top 3-5 OnPoint "suspects". It was also easy to distinguish between testbench bugs and RTL bugs based on the "suspects" returned. OnPoint did a great job of root cause analysis. The tool worked as advertised."

    ESNUG 492 Item 4

    "We use formal verification to find corner-case bugs. In such cases OnPoint is especially helpful in pin-pointing the error sources in the RTL code. This saves us time when dealing with complex bugs in complex designs."

    Senior Verification Engineer
    Major Japanese Semiconductor company, Server Division

    "We used OnPoint on both simulation failures and formal verification assertion failures. In both cases, we found OnPoint’s results very valuable because they pointed us to the bug location and allowed us to quickly make a fix and move on."

    Verification Manager
    Major Japanese Communication Electronics Company