Debugging is a manual and resource-intensive task consuming half or more of the overall functional verification effort. Vennsa's mission is to provide automated solutions that accelerate and improve this debugging process. Vennsa OnPoint™ is the industry's first and only automated debugging tool that localizes the source of functional errors without any user guidance. When failures occur, OnPoint helps engineers quickly identify the root cause of errors so they remove the bugs.

    OnPoint™ picks-up where conventional verification tools leave off. It helps with high level failure triage by binning the errors and by determining whether regression failures are caused by the same or by distinct error sources. It also performs low level root cause analysis by automatically pointing to the lines of code where the problem can be fixed and by suggesting corrections. OnPoint improves productivity dramatically every time debugging is required during verification. It saves months of manual effort and it guarantees faster design closure.

  • Improves quality of categorized regression failures during triage
  • Reduces wasted time due to ineffective categorized failures
  • Reduces debugging time by weeks or months
  • Increases verification efficiency of engineers
  • Reduces uncertainties due to hard to find bugs
  • Accelerates bug correction with forward-thinking analysis
  • Provides instant insight into unfamiliar RTL and third party IP